Black buffet table styled with modern + rustic decor

How To Style A Buffet Table For A Timeless + Eclectic Look

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When we first moved into our home one of the spaces that felt the most incomplete was the dining area. With only a table. chairs + area rug it was boring to say the very least, so I made it a point to purchase a buffet table STAT! Then that buffet table sat undecorated, up against a big blank wall …

Classic Modern Simplified Style Kitchen

Friday Five: Simplified + Stylish Kitchen

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Creating a simplified home is a constant work in progress+ I have been really trying to find a good balance between living simply but still having things that look good + add to the comfort of home. I’m trying to find my place on the minimalism spectrum: I don’t want everything to feel hard, cold + un-lived in but also …

Friday Five: Adding Luxury to Your Home

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Creating an elegant home is not necessarily the top priority for most people. Comfortable, yes…luxurious, not so much. Most often luxury is associated with $$$ and formality but there are inexpensive ways to create a comfortable, LIVABLE + beautiful home. Paying attention to the small details and choosing the right materials, colors + patterns can transform your home from generic …

Friday Five: Handsome Hardware Sources

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One of the easiest ways to get a new look in your home without spending lots of time + money is updating or switching out hardware. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or all the doorknobs throughout the house, having an updated and cohesive look can bring about a refreshed feeling. And you probably can make it a DIY weekend …