5 Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Tori Daly Decor + Design, Interiors

Spending a lot of time indoors during the winter allows me to start making a list of projects for the spring but there are some things that don’t have to wait until warmer weather + can start giving that sense of refresh, like little updates to small rooms.

One such particular space in our home that I feel needs some love is our main bathroom {the master is whole other story + really just needs to be gutted}. This bathroom is used by myself, the kids + any guests that come over so needless to say, I try to keep it as nice as possible but with all that usage it can stand a little bit of updating.

Since we don’t plan on making any big changes, like tile or a new sink {at least not yet…but it’s #738 on this list…so maybe someday}, the easiest ways to create the feeling of a new space are through new textiles + accessories…and maybe some paint but that is NOT on the list since I have convinced my husband that we need to paint a whole host of other areas, including the exterior of the house. So to save my husband’s sanity, yet also feed my need for an update, here are my plans for creating a refreshed bathroom that has a classic + spa-like feeling:

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A plain white shower curtain with a hint of detail like this one from Pottery Barn allows for a classic look while also making a small bathroom feel more open as opposed to a busy shower curtain which can make it feel more crowded.

And nothing says “spa” quite like a stack of fluffy white towels. We currently have beige-taupe colored ones but I really want to switch to all white. Yes, even with kids. I’ve had a Ralph Lauren oversized bathmat for probably over 15 years + have refused to get rid of it because it has held up SO well but now it’s severely threadbare so time to suck it up and get a new one. I prefer ones that are double-sided because you can get extra use out of them between cleanings + mainly because without the rubber backing it can dry so much more easily + not get all mildewy…blehk!

These towels + bathmat are on my list to purchase!


Not particularly glamorous but still necessary, a pretty waste basket + some decorative storage can go a long way. I don’t care for metal waste baskets in a bathroom because they never seem to hold up. Instead I would chose porcelain or in this case, a more kid friendly + lighter material like seagrass or a synthetic woven textile like this one from Pottery Barn. I also really like the lidded box to add texture on a shelf of glass canisters {and hide any personals you may need to tuck away at last minute}.


There are no windows in this particular bathroom, which kills me, so I have refrained from putting any sort of plant in there other than a bunch of dried lavender. However, yesterday I did some research + found the perfect little fern to add. It’s called a maidenhair fern + it’s so delicate looking…I love it! Here’s one I found on Pinterest. Obsessed! Hopefully my black thumb doesn’t get the best of it.


Both classic + spa-like, glass canisters + apothecary jars filled with accessories like seas sponges, cotton balls, bath salts, decorative soaps + bath bombs, like these Barr + Co. ones, are sure to make a visual impact while also being practical. You can get these jars + fillers from Pottery Barn but chances are you can find much cheaper ones at Homegoods or any TJ Maxx family store.


Choosing the right scents for the bathroom doesn’t have to be rocket science. Pick something clean + light to mimic the feeling of a bathroom. My go-to candle for the bathroom is this Voluspa Casa Pacifica. I always get comments on it. Clean but with a hint of warmth from wood scents, it reminds me a little bit of a sauna. Also love this reed diffuser + this Jo Malone room spray that has a hint of spicy herbs to it but still an overall invigorating scent.

What are some ways you update tired areas of your home?