Book Review, Part 1: ‘A Simplified Life’

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Life can be incredibly overwhelming with the endless list of to-do’s, running around from school, to work, to grocery store, to extracurricular activities + social engagements. Throw in making dinner + lunches, laundry + general house cleaning, it’s a wonder how there is anytime left in the day to take time + wind down. And while these are just the …

Classic Modern Simplified Style Kitchen

Friday Five: Simplified + Stylish Kitchen

Tori Daly Decor + Design, Interiors, Organization

Creating a simplified home is a constant work in progress+ I have been really trying to find a good balance between living simply but still having things that look good + add to the comfort of home. I’m trying to find my place on the minimalism spectrum: I don’t want everything to feel hard, cold + un-lived in but also …

What You Want Wednesday: Paper Chaser

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We’re not talking money here but rather the dreaded, unending stream of papers coming home from school, especially in those first few weeks. Paper clutter, in general, is one of the top complaints people have when it comes to clutter problems mainly because it seems like it is never ending, even in our heavily digitized era. In our home, there …