Book Review, Part 2: ‘A Simplified Life’

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Let me start by saying sorry this book review has taken more than a week to finish. I’m currently working on switching the website over to another platform so a lot of effort has been put towards that instead of keeping up with posts + it is one of those things about simplifying life that had to give for a little bit.

But now that we are wrapping up the big things + just working on small details I have a little more time to catch up with blogging! So without further ado, I bring you the last 5 chapters of Emily Ley’s book ‘A Simplified Life’:

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Chapter 6: Simplified Hospitality

In this chapter Emily encourages us to not think of hospitality in terms of entertaining but rather “as an actual act of love and service in a way that makes others feel accepted and cherished” and to broaden the meaning to include our families + how we can best serve them. We’re not talking service as in I’ll wait on them hand + foot but service in terms of paying attention to their needs + nurturing those needs.

Chapter 7: Simplified Technology

From tips for decluterring + organizing digital files, to getting rid of old cords, chargers + electronics, to turning off notifications on your phone…this chapter is particularly useful for EVERYONE! Technology has become such a big part of our lives + is integrated in so many different ways + because a lot is hidden from plain sight (apps, pictures, files, etc.) it’s easily overlooked when it comes time to organize + simplify. We need to stop living in technology overload + start living in real life.

Chapter 8: Simplified Self

I love this section and it particularly speaks to me as a mom. It’s so easy to get stuck in the routine of wearing a mom-iform or not getting your hair done {in my case, for months!} but Emily encourages us to set aside the guilt factor or doing something good for ourselves + instead view these little indulgences as building blocks for creating a better self! Whether it’s taking a long shower or setting aside time to workout, take that time for yourself every day to refresh + refuel so you can continue being your best self. You will never know what truly makes you happy if you don’t spend time getting to know yourself!

Chapter 9: Simplified Motherhood

Oh the joy if this were an actual thing! And Emily admits that she’s not even sure simplify + motherhood should be used in the same sentence {Hint: it’s not!} but she does suggest there are ways in which to detract from the already inevitable day-to-day chaos that comes with things as simple as asking your toddler to put on their underwear {No? Just my kid? OK.} Her big tips for simplifying what you can? Manage the amount of physical stuff, implement systems that teach action/reaction, nurture you littles to help tone down the tantrums {understand how your child reacts to your methods of discipline + adjust accordingly}, create meaningful family memories, and raise adults, not children. That last part of raising adults, not children is so good…but you’ll have to read the book for the explanation!

Chapter 10: Simplified Faith

I immediately knew that Emily was someone I could relate to when I heard her quote Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”. This is one of my favorite verses + since the middle of last year has been something I try to repeat to myself daily, especially when I am trying too hard to figure out a solution to a problem.

When I first left work to stay at home I refused to settle for being “just a mom” + insisted that I had to work. When I finally went back to my old job part-time I realized that it was not want I thought I wanted or even “needed”. So I left {again} + decided to fully immerse myself into my blog + website. But I didn’t feel confident in my direction so I tried to get inspiration from different types of bloggers + influencers until I finally just stopped + said, “OK, God. I’m stuck. I’m leaving this up to you to guide me.” And He answered…because I was STILL + trusted Him. {You can read more about this revelation HERE}.

It is important for us to have faith in a higher authority {I’m partial to God + Jesus} because it helps to remove a ton of pressure off our shoulders. When we try to control so much of our lives, life become burdensome + not enjoyable…the way we should be living it…and accepting that things will always be out of our control but having faith that you will be taken care of. Dismiss the things that society tells us is important {followers, likes, comments, material things} + focus on what truly make you + others better people…like love + kindness. As is stated in 1 Corinthians 13: Love is free. Love is simple. Love is patient and kind.

If you haven’t read my takeaways from the first five chapters of A Simplified Life you can read them HERE. Now go buy this book + start enjoying all the benefits of A Simplified Life! You won’t regret it!

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